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Welcome to the wonderful world of koi keeping, please look through our massive range of products where you will find probably everything you will need to build your dream pond, why not start out by viewing our resource section, where you can enjoy our Pond Planning calculator and pump cost calculator.

Our existing customers will notice a Koi Forum, where we will be on hand to help you along the way to decide which products to go for, Pond Construction Help, Japan Trip Diaries, Members Koi and Ponds, a section for Product Review, Koi Health Advice, but best of all provide an online meeting place for koi enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world.

You will find, we feel the best in class Filtration Systems, Energy Efficient Water Pumps, Professional Air pumps, UV Systems, Heaters, Koi Food, Pipework, Auto Feeders and many other products.



Become a member a get discounts on all your orders.Why not join the hundreds of customers already and claim your Absolute Koi Club discount, making us the number one choice for all your koi keeping needs.Of course You don't have to be an Absolute Koi club member to order online, but it helps because you'll save up to 5% on some goods and up to 5% on koi. Click here to join.

Malta New pond Build
Over the years we have been involved with some very exiting projects, but I think its fare to say this one is the Biggest!

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Nexus and Eazy Pod Offer
For the entire month of May 2007, all Nexus and Eazy Pods that are purchased will include a FREE De-Tox 12" De-Chlorinator

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New EA Cleartech Products
The Cleartech range has been completely overhauled and now has easy to understand usage rates. Improved formula Stop Blanket Weed replaces the discontinued Blanket Weed Inhibitor. Stop Sludge helps keep all your pond pipe work and surfaces clean, Filter Start Tablets in two value for money sizes, 60 tablets for the pond keeper and 10 tablets for use in Marine, Tropical and Coldwater fish tanks.

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Introducing our very own skimmer, The Ultraskim is the latest and probably the newest design on the koi market, designed by the Koi Professionals for the true Koi enthusiast.

The Ultraskim has been designed to build into the top of the Koi Pond wall at the time of construction, they are exactly the same dimensions as the standard concrete block (18" x 9" x 9") so it is just a matter of leaving out one concrete blocks to allow the Ultraskim to fit firmly into place.

The Ultraskim comes with a 3 inch Socket outlet to gravity feed in to a Ultrasieve III or an Eazy Pod,

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Featured Products

Oase Hel-X 13 Bio Media
Oase Hel-X 13 Bio Media

Following rigorous Research & Development, OASE Engineers in Germany have successfully re-developed th...

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Ea Pro Pump 10000
Ea Pro Pump 10000 Ea Pro Pump 10000 through innovative research and design have been developed to deliver substantial flow rate...
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Superfish HighFlow 20000 ...
Superfish HighFlow 20000 Pump

The Superfish HighFlow 20000 pump is a professional water pump for the pond with a need for a very high wa...

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Shinsuke Healthy Up
 Shinsuke Healthy Up

Shinsuke Healthy Up is what we call a function koi fo...

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Oase ProMax MudDrain 1400...
Oase ProMax MudDrain 14000 Drainage Pump
Oase ProMax MudDrain 14000 Drainage Pump are designed for pumping u...
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ProfiDrum Stainless 75e D...
ProfiDrum Stainless 75e Drum Filter

Profidrum Stainless 75e Drum Filters are state of the art fully automatic rotary drum filters, the Profid...

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Nexus Eazy 220 Filtration...
Nexus Eazy 220 Filtration System Introducing the next generation, the Nexus Eazy 220 and Nexus Eazy 320 F...
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Oase AquaMax Eco Premium
Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Oase AquaMax Eco Premium

The new Original, like always, just better. The Oase AquaMax Eco Premium,...
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