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Welcome to the wonderful world of koi keeping, please look through our massive range of products where you will find probably everything you will need to build your dream pond, why not start out by viewing our resource section, where you can enjoy our Pond Planning calculator and pump cost calculator.

Our existing customers will notice a Koi Forum, where we will be on hand to help you along the way to decide which products to go for, Pond Construction Help, Japan Trip Diaries, Members Koi and Ponds, a section for Product Review, Koi Health Advice, but best of all provide an online meeting place for koi enthusiasts and hobbyists around the world.

You will find, we feel the best in class Filtration Systems, Energy Efficient Water Pumps, Professional Air pumps, UV Systems, Heaters, Koi Food, Pipework, Auto Feeders and many other products.



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Oase Aquamax Dry Pro Pumps

Introducing the Oase Aquamax Dry Pro

Unlike the previous models, The new Oase Aquamax pumps have been specially introduced for dry mount aplications aimed at gravity fed filter installations that would normally be fitted with a dry mounted pump.

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Evolution Aqua Switchbox
Introducing Evolution Aqua Switch Boxes, an innovative range of external switch boxes ideal for controlling all types of electrical garden products.

Evolution Aqua’s range of Matsuko external switch boxes are ideal for controlling all types of electrical garden products.

They allow a high level of flexibility and ease when it comes to controlling more than one appliance.

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Japan Buying Trip

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan and buy your own Koi, we are now taking bookings for our October Japan Trip.

We normaly go for 2 weeks around mid October. We travel direct from Heathrow  with Virgin Atlantic. This trip includes the breeders Harvest of their mud ponds. This is when the whole Niigata area is alive with activity and energy. You will witness some of the best koi in the World being harvest from Nisai (2 year) and upwards. If its High grade 2 year olds your after this is the time to go. Also we are lucky enough to catch the Niigata Nougyousai Show 2008 which is normaly last weekend in October.

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Dainichi Grow and Show

Absolute Koi in association with Evolution Aqua and Dainichi Koi Farm are pleased to announce we will be having a Dainichi Grow and Show competition for this New Year coming.

Here are the details:

Absolute Koi have around 50 Dainichi Showa Tosai coming in on the 28 the Feb 2008. These Tosai Dainichi Showa are circa 22 – 25 cm.

The price for each will be

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Featured Products

K1 Micro Filter Media
K1 Micro Filter Media K1 Micro Filter Media
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ProfiDrum BioFilter 25
ProfiDrum BioFilter 25

ProfiDrum BioFilter 25

ProfiDrum BioFilter 25 product range consists of biological filtration unit...

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Elecro Nano Koi Pond Heat...
Elecro Nano Koi Pond Heater Incoloy 825 (Yellow Enclosure) Elecro Nano koi pond heater

The Elecro Nano koi pond heater is manufactured from top quality compo...
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Oase ProfiClear Premium D...
Oase ProfiClear Premium Drum Filter L Gravity Fed EGC
After 3 years in development, Oase have rel...
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ProfiDrum Stainless 55 Dr...
ProfiDrum Stainless 55 Drum Filter

Profidrum Stainless 55 Drum Filters are state of the art fully automatic rotary drum filters, the Profidr...

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Saki Hikari Balance Sinki...
Saki Hikari Balance Sinking Pellet Koi Food

Saki Hikari Balance Sinking Pellet Koi Food, Breeder Preferred.

Saki Hikari Balance Sinking Pellet ...

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Mega Pumps SS Series
Mega Pumps SS Series

These Mega Pumps are suitable for most modern day koi pond filtration applications.

The high perfor...

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FlowFriend Pumps
FlowFriend Pumps The Flowfriend Pump gives you Max Flow with the minimum cost.

The Flowfriend Pump is way ahead of t...
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